Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birth-day To Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Tea and Scones to you...

In reviewing my life, I realized,
that for years I've always had a dream
about owning and running a restaurant
with a unique specialty.

At first my ideas were a luncheon
"Soup Bar", then a "Sandwich Bar",
"A different menu a month restaurant"
but they all smacked of fast food places.

So I consulted with my Gracious Lady
within me, I realized the one thing I had
done in the past that was a really memorable
and well received experience to my friends
by serving them in an elegant setting; an elaborate,
sumptuous, grand English high tea where they
could savor their food with good conversation
and hot tea for as long as they wished.

My tables were always set with impeccably
starched antique linens, sterling silver spoons
and forks, crystal glassware and fine English
bone china from my collection of assorted
tea cups and plates.

The food was always a selection of various
English tea time specialties served in three

Tea always started with the guest's choice
from two Select Asian loose leaf teas steeped
to perfection, served with or without, milk,
sugar or perhaps lemon as to they desired.

The first course was always the traditional
buttery scones and crumpets with jam.
Followed with a delightful selection
of savories which might include chicken,
shrimp, salmon, ham or beef and of course
the traditional cucumber sandwiches.
Not to be forgotten, I always serve deviled eggs.
For the last course, the sweets of course!
I would have a selection of cakes, cookies and
candies using lemon, chocolate and nuts for
a variety of tastes and textures.

Tea anyone?

Most appropriately, today I want to introduce you
to my new Blog
In doing so, we shall celebrate Her Royal Majesty
Queen Elizabeth II 's real birth date. Also, not to be
upstaged, my younger sister Ginnie's birthday. You
may send her a wish if you like and I will forward it
to her. (To Ginnie, not the Queen).

Tea is a good thing...